BaiqiSoft.GridControl for ActiveX

BaiqiSoft.GridControl is a professional and easy to use grid control, it provides comprehensive functions for creating user-friendly interfaces that display, edit, format, organize, and print tabular data. It is a usefull activex component that will easy the process of developing your applications.

Built-in Visual Styles

BaiqiSoft.GridControl supports Windows XP theme and visual styles that mimic the styles available in Office XP including Blue,Silver, and Olive.

Comprehensive Functions

Instant Reports

BaiqiSoft.GridControl provides comprehensive print and print preview support including 45 print setup related properties. With only a single line of code, developers can show the built-in, user-friendly "Page Setup" and "Print" dialogs, allowing end-users to configure the printed appearance of all report elements, determine which data fields or pages to print, place images and text in page headers and/or footers,with macros for page number, report title, and a variety of date and time formats.

Designer Support

BaiqiSoft.GridControl provides a designer project that allow you to design your control and to create a prototype quickly. Use the designer to reduce development time by allowing you to customize the look and feel of the control at design time using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.