Error Messages

The following table lists the grid control error codes.

Error Codes Description
600 Invalid property value.
601 The row number or column number you specified is outside valid range.
602 The row height is less than zero.
603 The column width is less than zero.
604 No ComboBox control in the column.
605 Both TopRow and LeftCol property value cannot be set in fixed area.
606 Fixed cells cannot merge with non-fixed cells.
607 Frozen cells cannot merge with non-frozen cells.
608 Invalid function argument value.
609 The number must be greater than zero.
610 Memory allocation fails.
611 The range of the pasting content exceeds the grid boundary.
612 The range to be pasted contains the locked cell,paste operation fails.
613 The printer does not support the paper size you set.
614 No available printer detected.
615 Settings you chose for the left and right margins are too large for the page width.
616 Settings you chose for the top and bottom margins are too large for the page height.
617 Print area's initial value cannot be greater than the termination value.