Code 128 Barcode

Code 128 is one of the most popular modern barcodes. It is a variable length, high density, alphanumeric symbology.

The Code 128 character set includes the digits 0-9, the letters A-Z (upper and lower case), all standard ASCII symbols and control codes, and function characters<FNC1>, <FNC2>, <FNC3>, <FNC4>. e.g. <FNC1>0195012345678903 

If you want to use non-printable or special characters in a barcode, you have to use escape sequences. An escape sequence always start with a backslash ('\') followed by the sequence itself.

The Code 128 can actually be divided into three subsets A, B, and C.

When the Code 128 Auto barcode is selected, it will automatically switch between the three character sets (A, B and C) to code the data in the shortest form.