The default Windows Forms SplitContainer doesn't contain any buttons in the splitter, and it has an annoying flicker problem while resizing/moving the splitter. The MstSplitContainer extends that functionality by providing several features, such as changing the appearance of the splitter, creating an expand/collapse button in the splitter, and adding the ability to hide the focus rectangle.

Download SplitContainer Control for .NET 2.0  (Based on .NET 2.0, compatible with .NET 3.0+)
Download SplitContainer Control for .NET 4.0  (Based on .NET 4.0, compatible with .NET 4.5+)

MstSplitContainer is a .NET WinForms component that can be integrated into your C# and VB.Net applications. Current Version: 16.5.4, File Size: 0.4M

Main Features

Interactive Splitters and Split Buttons

MstSplitContainer provides interactive splitters and split buttons. This feature allows the end-user to more intuitively collapse or expand a panel when needed. And you no longer need to use code to control the expand/collapse behavior of your end-users.


Contrary to the standard SplitContainer control, MstSplitContainer allow you to easily build slick interfaces with the look-and-feel of Windows and Office.